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Sustainable Management of Peatland Forests in South East Asia (APFP & SEApeat Project): These two projects are currently being implemented to support the implementation of regional and national strategies for sustainable management of peatlands forests in Southeast Asia and the incorporation of peatland management into policies and plans related to forest and land-related resources to mainstream peatland forests. Learn more about the project at
W.A.T.E.R Project: W.A.T.E.R is a pioneer initiative to educate the public about the importance of water and why and how we should conserve and protect its source: our rivers. Learn more about the Project at
River of Life Public Outreach Programme: ROL-POP is a programme to foster partnerships and to improve attitudes and behaviours of target groups to reduce pollution in the Klang River, Malaysia. Visit the site at
GEF-CSO: Formally known as GEF-NGO,  the Network is made up of GEF-accredited organizations whose work in environment and sustainable development is aligned with the GEF mandate. Learn more about the Network at
GEC Headlines

Croesus IT Solutions initiates a corporate responsibility programme to aid environmental initiatives and flood victims

Croesus IT Solutions Sdn. Bhd., a privately own Malaysian company on Information Technology and Business Solutions donated a substantial amount to support GEC environmental and charity efforts. The donation is a CR initiative which arise from promoting a recently Croesus myGST Addon for SAP Business One Version 9.0 PL8, a new software for SAP users on GST implementation in Malaysia. Read more on Croesus CR Initiatives

Sungai Way Kembali "Bernafas" Hasil Sumbangan Masyarakat Setempat

Sepuluh tahun lepas, Sungai Way, yang sebelum itu dicop sebagai sungai mati kerana tiada sebarang hidupan di dalamnya, mula bernafas semula apabila pelbagai species hidupan akuatik, tumbuhan-tunbuhan dan serangga kembali menghuninya.

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GEC Events - more...
18 Apr, 2015
Tree Planting at North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest in conjunction with Earth Day

22 Apr, 2015
Earth Day

22 May, 2015
International Day for Biological Diversity

23 May, 2015
Tree Planting at Sungai Karang Forest Reserve in conjunction with International day for Biological Diversity
GEC in the News - more...
04 Mar, 2015
Teamwork can keep forest fires at bay, says department

04 Mar, 2015
Mining ponds play an important role in saving peat lands during droughts

28 Feb, 2015
Kerjasama orang ramai bantu pelihara sumber hutan

21 Feb, 2015
Working together to revive KL rivers

06 Feb, 2015
Getting Ready Today for a Cleaner Tomorrow