Forest & Coastal Programme

Dwindling of forest and wetlands habitats often negatively affecting socio-economic development of a country, climate regulation and environmental stability. By managing the forest and wetland sustainably, the negative impacts can be mitigated. In GEC, we promote and support sustainable management of forests and wetlands. Our aim is to conserve biodiversity and mitigate climate change through awareness and rehabilitation at local, national and regional levels. The main focus is development and promotion of community-based forest management and rehabilitation activities. GEC also supports international cooperation and national actions to reduce deforestation, prevent forest degration and fires, promote a sustainable livelihood and better income among forest - dependent communites.

Project Sites

Forest and Coastal Rehabilitation Projects  

Community-based Mangrove Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods in Sungai Johor, Malaysia

Project status: Ongoing

By implementing innovative community development programmes (capacity building + empowerment of local community), this project hopes to improve economic opportunities and improve social conditions of locals in a sustainable way.


Restoration of North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest Through Community-Based Peatlands Water Management and Rehabilitation

Project status: Ongoing

A three year project that aims to further expand the rehabilitation initiative through local community participation at North-eastern and South-eastern part of the North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest.


Partnership in Conservation and Rehabilitation of North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest - Phase 2

Project status: Ongoing

The project aims to conserve and support ongoing rehabilitation of 50 hectares of degraded areas in Forest Compartment 32 and 70 of Raja Musa Forest Reserve.  The project directly addresses one of Sime Darby Foundation’s key priorities – namely the protection and preservation of the high conservation value ecosystem is protected.


Mangrove Planting in Kampung Dato Hormat in partnership with UPS Foundation 

Project status: Completed

This project aims to rehabilitate 2ha of the degraded mangrove area with local comunities participation at Kampung Dato Hormat, Sabak Bernam.


Indigenous Community Participation in Peatland Water Management and Forest Rehabilitation Work in Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve (KLNFR)

Project status: Ongoing

This project aims to enhance engagement of local and indigenous communities residing near the forest reserve by creating opportunities through conserving the peat swamp forest ecosystem.


Innisfree Malaysia - Green Forest Campaign

Project status: Ongoing

An innitiative taken by Innisfree Malaysia on a green campaign concerning the forest sustainability. The approach towards this green campaign was decided to be undertaken via the efforts to plant more trees to help sustain the habitat endangered species, climate change, quality of air and protecting peatland in sustainable manner.


Community based Recreational Fishery and Ecotourism in Sembilan Islands

Project status: Completed

The three year project focused on exploring opportunities for the indentification of community-based resource management areas.



Southern Manjung Mangroves: Restoration and Conservation of Mangrove Forest and Sustainable Alternative Livelihood Programme

Project status: Completed

The Restoration and Conservation of Mangrove Forest (RCMF) & Sustainable Alternative Livelihood Programme (SALP) in Southern Manjung, Perak offi­cially began in October 2014, aimed at rehabilitating degraded mangrove belt along the Southern Manjung mangrove coastal through community based rehabilitation programme.


Partnership in Conservation and Rehabilitation of Forest Compartment 32 & Forest Compartment 70 Boundary of Raja Musa Forest Reserve

Project status: Completed

Funded by Yayasan Sime Darby, the project objectives were to strengthen the efforts for fire prevention, rehabilitation and conservation of the North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest.


Participation of Friends of North Selangor Peatland Forest in Peat Water Management and Forest Rehabilitation Adjacent to Raja Musa Forest Reserve

Project status: Completed

This project has resulted in the establishment of a local community group who are aware and concerned about the peat swamp forest degradation issues called Friends of North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest (FNSPSF); and development of peatland environmental education programme called Peatland Forest Ranger, to educate school children on the importance of environmental protection on peat swamp forest.


One Tyre One Good Deed Campaign

Project status: Completed

With the launched of Ecopia EP100A, Bridgestone Tyre Sales Malaysia Sdn Bhd has strengthen its committment to the environment through "One Tyre One Good Deed" campaign in which 1 ringgit will be contributed towards rehabilitation activities in Raja Musa FR for every tyre being sold.


Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation for Village Protection and Sustainable Community Livelihood

Project status: Completed

The two year duration project focused on rehabilitating degraded mangrove belt along Bernam River through ecological mangrove rehabilitation (EMR) approach. Eight hectare of the degraded area was rehabilitated with local community participation to recover the degraded mangrove to its nearest original condition and to prevent intrusion of river water into the village.


Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve Fire Prevention Initiatives

Project status: Completed

Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve is a 960 ha area of peat swamp forest. It supports the conservation of rare species of flora and fauna and has significant importance to local community and indigenous that have loved in the area and harvested its resources for many years. In 2014, more than 350 ha of the forest got burnt during the dry season.


Sustainable Use of Peatland Forests in Southeast Asia - Raja Musa Forest Reserve (Pilot site), Malaysia

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